How It Works


  • First post a ride by filling some details such as your name, location and time of pick-up, and click the Post ride button.
  • Then you can search the 'Review Matching Same-Way rides'. Same-Way app will show you the rides that match your needs.
  • Review your options based on vehicles or drivers and look for a Match on Same-Way. You can find a list of ride options that suits your needs or locate a match on the map. Same-Way app will show you current rides that best suit your needs.
  • Book your trip. You can accept or decline a request to join a ride. To make sure, you can chat with your ride partner through Same-Way. Same-Way also allows you to call and talk to them directly on the phone.


  • Click Start Ride when you start driving. Same-Way will send a message to passenger subscribers on the start of your trip.
  • View requests for a ride booked to your ride.
  • Select the bookings you want and approve.
  • Reach the point of pick-up and let the passengers on board.

Icon Overview

  • Send join request : Send request to other user to join on your route and share ride with you.
  • Accept request : If user request received seems on your route and matches with your time then accept the request.
  • Reject request : If user request received does not seem on your route and matches with your time then you can reject or ignore
  • Start ride : This is for drivers, where driver click on Start Ride icon and driver ride is started immediately.
  • Cancel ride : If any user wants to cancel his/her ride before it is started then he/she can click on cancel ride button .
  • Pick passenger : Driver needs to click on Pick passenger icon to pick the passenger.
  • Drop passenger : Driver needs to click on Drop passenger icon to drop the passenger.
  • Nearby users : If you do not find any exact match on your route then you can select this option to see users passing nearby your route.
  • End ride : When driver wants to end his/her ride then he/she can click on end ride button.
  • Call : When any user feels calling to know exactly where another user is then use this button to call.
  • Chat : Along with call there is chat option as well which lets do peer to peer chat.

* Both drivers and passengers want to be patient to reach the point of rendez-vous.