About Us

Same-Way is a ride-sharing app especially designed for those who want to avoid heavy traffic at minimum to no costs.
Same-Way allows its users to get together and use public transportation routes toll-free and share inner city and inter-city rides.
It is a user-friendly app with easy and fast search and match features and direct and indirect, textual and vocal communication options between users who share a ride.
Same-Way helps you get to your destination whatever and wherever it may be.
Same-Way matches between drivers and passengers who share the same or similar routes for different business or pleasure purposes.
It helps saving energy and time resources to the benefit of its user and the environment.

How It Works

  • First post a ride by filling some details such as your name, location and time of pick-up, and click the Post ride button.
  • Then you can search the ‘Review Matching Same-Way rides’. Same-Way app will show you the rides that match your needs.
  • Review your options based on vehicles or drivers and look for a Match on Same-Way. You can find a list of ride options that suits your needs or locate a match on the map. Same-Way app will show you current rides that best suit your needs.
  • Book your trip. You can accept or decline a request to join a ride. To make sure, you can chat with your ride partner through Same-Way. Same-Way also allows you to call and talk to them directly on the phone.
  • Click Start Ride when you start driving. Same-Way will send a message to passenger subscribers on the start of your trip.
  • View requests for a ride booked to your ride.
  • Select the bookings you want and approve.
  • Reach the point of pick-up and let the passengers on board.
Icon Overview
Send join request

Send request to other user to join on your route and share ride with you.

Reject request

If user request received does not seem on your route and matches with your time then you can reject or ignore the request.

Accept request

If user request received seems on your route and matches with your time then accept the request.

Start ride

This is for drivers, where driver click on Start Ride icon and driver ride is started immediately.

Cancel ride

If any user wants to cancel his/her ride before it is started then he/she can click on cancel ride button .

Pick passenger

Driver needs to click on Pick passenger icon to pick the passenger.

Drop passenger

Driver needs to click on Drop passenger icon to drop the passenger.

Nearby users

If you do not find any exact match on your route then you can select this option to see users passing nearby your route.

End ride

When driver wants to end his/her ride then he/she can click on end ride button.


When any user feels calling to know exactly where another user is then use this button to call.


Along with call there is chat option as well which lets do peer to peer chat.

FAQs of Same-Way Riders

Technical requirements for the use of Same-Way app can be found here: App Requirements.

  • If you drive a bus / bike / train / or any public transport you are already doing something great for our roads and planet. We love all of these modes also. But there are days, when these options are not feasible, available or frequent. For example, detours of public transport that make you spend many hours on the road, a rainy day when you may not want to bike, or when you are late for work and just missed your bus or commuting. Same-Way is especially useful for isolated locations. If you find yourself in this situation, try out Same-Way. Same-Way is flexible and can be used from a single trip to regular ride-sharing. Remember that Same-Way is a new app, so please make sure you have an alternative plan in case you can not find a match.
  • Same-Way does not interfere in any agreement for payment or sharing expenses. This is up to you users to decide among yourselves.
  • Our advice is that you calculate your expenses according to distance, using a rate of 0,10 cent of US dollar per kilometer for the amount of fuel spent. However, it’s up to you to decide whether the costs should be divided between you. In any case, you can determine by yourselves how to divide the ride costs in any way you see fit, based on the length of your drive or any other criterion.
  • Our drivers are commuters who offer trips on the way to and back from work or just when driving the same direction as you do, offering vacant seats at the disposal of others.
  • Same-Way cuts out transportation costs, saves you time and money and helps the passengers and environment at the same time by using dedicated fast lanes. Generally, you will find Same-Way drivers to be your friendly neighbor or colleague and so the ride itself pleasant and agreeable.
  • Same-Way is not a taxi service. You can sit in the front seat if it is not occupied and if the driver has no problem with this.
    If there are more than one person on board, you can discuss the seating arrangement before you get in the car. For example,
    let the person down last take the front seat. Considering relatively large sizes that some of us might have, then of course,
    some consideration can be taken into account in giving up the front seat to them for everyone’s convenience.

  • Our drivers are community and environment friendly and like helping out. We are very fond of your four-legged friends,
    but we ask you to remember that not all drivers are comfortable with having animals in their cars. If you want to bring your
    pet along, please make sure that your driver is OK with this. As soon as you book your trip, you can use the messaging app and
    ask for the driver’s permission. Many drivers are OK with furry creatures in their car, but some may have allergies or other
    concerns, so do not take it personally if your request is denied. Remember that our drivers are not professional taxi drivers.
    As we said before, they are probably your colleagues and neighbors who take the Same Way using their private cars and we cannot
    demand them to host pets.
  • We at Same-Way are working to build a community with highest standards of drivers and passengers. Ranking is a way you can give your feedback on the driver and passenger and how they meet your expectations. Your contribution will affect Same-Way community. This is only optional, but highly recommended. We use a simple 5-star bellowing system. After every trip, a passenger can rank the driver and vice versa.
  • For example, you can a rank the driver or passenger as friendly and considerate in a scale from 1 to 5 so that we can assess, whether he should provide his service through Same-Way again or not. 5 stars mean that the trip was great. 4 stars would mean that you are happy, but there is room for improvement. Any rating of 3 stars and below indicates that you were not so much satisfied with the trip. If a driver’s average falls below 3 of 5 stars, we will profile him and take action.
  • You can use Same-Way app to see if the driver has already started the trip. You can also cancel unsuccessful match if the driver has not started the trip. If you are late for pick-up, chances are that the driver had left off before you came to the agreed place. However, you can always reapply to see if you can find another trip using Same-Way.
  • Some people may have difficulties breathing or be bothered by the smell of smoke, so Same-Way has a strict non-smoking policy for both passengers and drivers. We ask our subscribers to show respect and consideration towards everyone in our community, and refrain from smoking. We also have a strict policy of no alcohol in the car no matter if you are a driver or passenger.
  • Of course your personal safety comes first. If you do not feel comfortable with getting on the driver’s car,
    feel free to say no and walk away. Please let us know your concerns, in particular with regard to safety and security,
    so that we can take immediate action. We appreciate your input so that we can improve security and comfort of our services.
  • Note – the Same-Way platform is an inclusive society in which various community members have mutual respect for each other,
    and does not discriminate on grounds of race, nationality, religion, gender, gender identity, disability, marital status, age or
    sexual orientation. Passport goers and drivers who violate discrimination policy are liable to be removed from the system.

  • If you experience a problem during the trip, be sure to take the necessary steps to protect yourself and get to a safe place.
    Call the authorities if necessary, and send us a quick message. We have zero tolerance policy on drugs and alcohol for drivers.
    If you are suspicious a driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, do not get into the car or take all necessary steps
    to protect yourself and leave the car as soon as you can. You may also report the driver to the local authorities immediately.
    Please let us also know. We collect reports about our drivers and take action accordingly.


Same-Way – Vision, Practice & Guidelines

Same-Way, finally an effective carpooling/ride-sharing app for us that goes our same way
Time is money, and Same-Way saves you both.
Motor fuels cost a lot. You would rather drive with others in one car and save time and money.
Same-Way lets you get to know others and drive the same way with them.
Vehicular traffic causes environmental damage. Save yourself and your loved one’s time, money and health and get more from your vehicle using Same-Way
Same-Way helps you to create a better world for all of us.

Same-Way helps you find, connect and carpool with others going your same way.
When traveling on the roads, whether you are a driver or passenger looking for someone to share your ride with,
you can launch Same-Way trip in minutes. Here you can drive together with your neighbors, coworkers or random fellows
without any long term commitment. Every Same-Way trip is a single trip.
Whether passenger or driver, Same-Way helps you save time, money and nerve wrecking wait in traffic jams.
Same-Way utilizes resources better, gets around traffic corks and ahead of traffic. Same-Way contributes to cleaner
air and reduced pollution, saves your time and money and provides you with many other benefits.

We at Same-Way help you find and connect with those others who go the same way as you do.
Same-Way is a mobile app that immediately helps you find and connect with road travelers the same as you.

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