About Us

Same-Way is a carpooling and transportation sharing app especially designed for those who want to avoid heavy traffic at minimum to no costs. Same-Way allows its users to get together

Collaborative carpooling & connects people who send from one place to another with people going that Same-Way anyway.

Whether they are on the road, taking the train, or carpooling by other means, they can use their mobile phone to pick up and deliver, make some money and maybe save the environment as well. Smart, safe and sustainable.

Same-Way is a service that connects people who need to send from one place to another with people going Same-Way anyway.

The only service with an innovative and simple overview fulfilling demands for transport and freight – all in one revenue sharing solution. For better utilization of all kinds of vehicles; private cars, public transport, trucks and vans. I you need to move passengers or gods we all travel Same-Way!

fast and efficient solution also for passengers, as well as sender of goods, which means that all involved have great benefits from this in terms of earning money while saving money for others, environment, time spent, and better world for all of us,

How It Works

Post a ride

First, register a simple trip or fast travel, it's easy and quick to add. It is an advantage to register Multitrip to work or to school, but you can also register single trips by choosing a single trip button

System sends relevant matches

The system shows your match / search result right away if it's right results to your search, even if there are matches / search results later, you will receive a popup notification or message by email as soon as there is a correct match to your registration. You can also click on the nearby button, maybe you'll find match there. 

Take action

When you get a match - either accept and send a seat request to join the trip or deny the trip together , it is easy and handles the process: see also interaction on the web page how to handle this

Drive together and save money

Driving together is easy and safe. Same-Way System informs users all about the person users will travel together with, when the driver starts, location of all users at any time, the number of kilometers you travel together and more.

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Same-Way – Vision, Practice & Guidelines

Same-Way, finally an effective carpooling/ride-sharing app for us that goes our same way Time is money, and Same-Way saves you both. Motor fuels cost a lot. You would rather drive with others in one car and save time and money. Same-Way lets you get to know others and drive the same way with them. Vehicular traffic causes environmental damage. Save yourself and your loved one’s time, money and health and get more from your vehicle using Same-Way Same-Way helps you to create a better world for all of us.

Same-Way helps you find, connect and carpool with others going your same way. When traveling on the roads, whether you are a driver or passenger looking for someone to share your ride with, you can launch Same-Way trip in minutes. Here you can drive together with your neighbors, coworkers or random fellows without any long term commitment. Every Same-Way trip is a single trip. Whether passenger or driver, Same-Way helps you save time, money and nerve wrecking wait in traffic jams. Same-Way utilizes resources better, gets around traffic corks and ahead of traffic. Same-Way contributes to cleaner air and reduced pollution, saves your time and money and provides you with many other benefits.

We at Same-Way help you find and connect with those others who go the same way as you do. Same-Way is a mobile app that immediately helps you find and connect with road travelers the same as you.

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Email : support@same-way.com